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New website - a "work in progress" - to create a one-stop place for campers, with information about the true, the what and so on about campsites all over South Africa. Information on amenities, attractions in the vicinity of the campsite, hospitals, and more.

*Search options:

Search by Google Maps "Map" option - walk your finger through the country on the route you want to follow and see the markers of the camps, places of interest etc. as you walk through the country. Click on the marker and get the information or the location. A second search option is to click on "Ads" and then use the search facility to refine your search – search categories, Locations – Address, Province, City, Post Code and radius around the location – Search Amenities – eg. sea view, pet friendly, long term rates, pensioner rates and many more!


Each advertiser gets a tag on the Google map, is listed by type of resort or business, and gets a one-page information sheet on sale. See elsewhere on the web page under "Members" for more information.


Clubs / businesses can use the calendar to advertise special promotions, gatherings, shows etc.


We have two types of users: Users and Users as advertisers
We reserve the right to submit comments, interaction with advertisers for members of this website. Register as a User and get access to all the facilities this website has to offer – it is free for users! Campsite owners and businesses – please enquire about our low cost advertising prices – (a year’s advertising is less than one weekend rate for a stand)

*Advertising SA Kampgids:

Link to our own facebook page, Twitter account (others to follow)

The Reason for the Website ..

SA Campguide

If the bug bit you, he bit you!

Our love for camping dates back to 1972. Our first caravan was a 1972 Camp Pride; For a while we did not camp and then started camping again from 2004, first with a tent and now again with a caravan.

Now why a web page?

The idea for the website originated in mid-2020. The need for a single-source information provider was evident from the inquiries and questions of fellow campers on social media as well as in the daily dealings with other campers.

There are 1400+ resorts and sites in a wide range of categories throughout South Africa and yet the questions constantly appear on social media platforms: "Does anyone know of a site at ...?", "Does anyone know of a site place where I ...? "," I intend to travel from ... to ..., does anyone know of sites on the route? ", etc. Other questions that are often asked are" What is there to do at ...? "," What is there to see at ...? "," What does it look like at ..... ", etc.

The benefit of a web page? You just carry it wherever you go - on your phone!

Tap on your browser: www.sakampgids.co.za , when it opens, tap on the three dots in the top right, look at the bottom of the list that opens for "Add to home screen ", select it and place a link directly to the web page on your phone's screen.

Forum and Blog


Advice, technical camp knowledge, pitching, maintenance etc. from our members

The forum offers our members the opportunity to share their knowledge with other campers about a wide range of what affects us as campers.

Share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

Suggestions on forum topics will be welcomed - please send us an email see form on this page


The opportunity to share your experiences on specific topics - no advertising for camps or camping businesses here - please! -
You will find the opportunity to comment on them attached to their advert.

Comments about any camp site or dealer will not be allowed and will not be published / will be removed

Suggestions on blog topics will be welcomed - please send us an email see form on this page


Please refer to our


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Your feed back will enable us to improve the website and make it the go-to website for the camping community.


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Explore all the features of our website. Join in the discussions on our blog and forum, send enquiries to the camps or businesses, leave comments and enjoy!

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